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Live, online and on-demand ultrasound certification training.

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learn about the role of ultrasound, vibration, and the other condition monitoring technologies from the subject matter experts
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What our GRaduates Say
The trainer, the materials and the content were second to none. It was also a fun and interactive way to learn. I strongly feel that any one in the field of maintenance and reliability needs to add this to their training schedules for themselves and their teams. SDT has knocked it out of the park with this LIVE Online Level 1 Certification program.
Level One Graduate
Maintenance Reliability Manager

Trusted by Experts and Industry Leaders

“I’m a big proponent of ultrasound, and what I got out of SDT’s training was exactly what I needed to get a reliability program up and running and into the next level.

Craig Casler

“I can now use my ultrasound equipment to do my job more safely, limiting break downs & keeping my fellow team members out of harm’s way.

John Garrison

“If you are serious about learning how to utilize ultrasound to enhance your predictive maintenance programs you need to check out this training for Level 1 certification.

doug Stangier

“I’ve never seen this level of quality, consistency and dedication in a webinar series before. Great team, great organization, great leaders!”

Hamilton Porciuncula