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Ultrasound…Beyond the Essentials™ – Lubrication Best Practices using LUBExpert

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What does it mean to grease bearings right?

Did you know that more than 60% of all bearings do not make it to their full L10 life? For greaseable bearings, over 80% of failures are attributed to poor lubrication practices.
Ultrasound takes the guess work out of how your bearings react to each shot of grease by providing instant feedback with every injection.

Delivering the right lubricant at the right location, with the right quantity at the right interval and with the right indicators will have you greasing your bearings right every time.
Join Ken Mitchell, CRL from SDT Ultrasound Solutions and learn how to grease bearing right using ultrasound technology.

Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials™ is the free webinar series that connects the dots between #reliability and #ultrasound. We do this by taking you beyond the 8 application pillars of ultrasound to explore the other key technologies you need to succeed.